There is a light that never goes out

Title image, ©2023 Helder Luís

In the midst of urban sprawl, amidst the concrete and chaos, there exists a quiet dance of light and shadow that tells a story of solitude and sanctuary. “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” is a documental photography project that seeks out these poignant moments, capturing the delicate interplay between solitary streetlights and the embracing arms of trees on the outskirts of cities. Each frame is a testament to the resilience of light, even in the face of abandonment and neglect.
Drawing inspiration from The Smiths haunting anthem, this project delves into the paradox of loneliness… how it can be both a heavy burden and a comforting cocoon. The juxtaposition of stark, man-made structures against the organic grace of nature emerges as the main visual narrative. The streetlights, standing tall, become beacons of hope, casting their warm glow into the night.